Project Management

Adding value to the client by identifying critical issues before it becomes a crisis is a core element of Hollingsworth Pack’s approach to project management.

Managing construction projects is complex and requires an overview of several processes such as planning, design time objectives, costs, and problem solving.  As project managers, we see it as our most important task to coordinate and manage the project safely through all phases within the agreed time, quality, and cost.

Focus on time and cost

Our approach is a due-diligence process, as we strive to identify all omissions and errors in the project documents at an early stage. Through thorough reviews, we ensure contract coordination and compliance with the contract documents and the program requirements set forth by the client. We gather information and ask questions to ensure transparency and insight at an early stage and limit potential negative impact.

On-site worldwide

Our experienced team takes pride in being present at the construction site and coordinating with local stakeholders, partners and contractors. The direct dialogue ensures a high degree of project oversight and the possibility for immediate action.

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