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Our vision is to be a preferred multinational partner in the building sector. We seek out disciplines or specialties where we, as a small firm, can develop unique skills that bring value to our clients. We do so, not as a traditional corporation, but as a modern organization built upon the connectivity of the world’s professionals through the Internet.  We work and support co-working offices, where design and construction professionals collaborate.  We support the ability of our staff to work from home when needed. Through the Internet, our professional staff help each other meet deadlines, support our firm’s commitments with the unique skills that each individual offers the team, and build a “family” tradition by sharing family news, birthdays and holiday photos. Our corporate language is English, but we speak nine other languages and have (11) nationalities. Through our worldwide staff, we have a presence in (20) cities, in (11) countries, on five continents.


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International projects in the past (10) years

Each office offers services to our clients, applying the skills of other offices to a project when it can generate value. When the US Government builds abroad, when a European firm builds in the US, when a project in Texas uses a South American stone façade, we have the skills to perform internationally as a local professional, as we have now in (25) countries within the past (10) years.


We are a family owned business, started in 1995 by J. Bryce Hollingsworth and Victoria Pack, with the desire to provide consistent, old-fashioned professional design and construction monitoring services to clients in Virginia. Our internationalization has not displaced that belief as our cornerstone. We welcome you to contact us if you believe we can be of assistance.




J. Bryce and Scott Hollingsworth


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