Niamey Prison

New construction of an 300-inmate male prison.

Following a public solicitation, the Hollingsworth Pack team was awarded a contract to provide design and construction monitoring services for a +500-bed prison and Guard Training Center in Niamey, Niger, as part of INL’s efforts to support prison reform in Niger. The contract (SAQMMA 14C-0154) consisted of multiple CLIN's (Contract Line Item Number), addressing each design phase from preliminary studies through construction monitoring. The final scope of work consisted of the design of a 300 bed prison, without construction monitoring. When completed, the prison will be a self-sufficient entity in the city of Niamey with a capacity to support more than 300 individuals, including: domestic water wells and treatment systems, a sewage treatment plant, electrical generation and back-up generation, waste disposal including hospital waste (incineration), and wastewater recycling for agricultural purposes. The facility will include housing for inmates, high security inmate housing, training facilities, a mosque, healthcare facilities, armory, guard towers and security fencing.

Austin staff provided structural and MEP engineering services, including the design of all structural systems, and support to regional engineers on the self-sufficient electrical, mechanical and sewer systems. The project was designed to meet both Eurocodes and American building codes, and was submitted to the client in the French language.

International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs
Office involved:
Niamey, Niger
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Prime Consultant
Project value:
US$ +10M
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Civil Engineering
Structural Engineering
MEP Engineering
Project Management