At Hollingsworth Pack, we see ourselves as leaders of a team of craftsmen of engineering and architecture. We create value for the buildings operations through craftsmanship created with technology.

Architecture shapes the world in which we live and creates the reality in which societies and individuals are formed. While architects strive to create timeless designs, the reality is that needs evolve and so these otherwise timeless designs are continuously reinvented.

Providing value through technology

Technology offers more possibilities for design today than ever seen in history but it has also created challenges and dependencies. The demands placed on buildings are greater than ever, which is why we in our projects try to utilize technology that provides value for the full life of the building’s operations. We aim to anticipate change, and accommodate it.  

Complexity transferred into simplicity

Mastering the design of technical environments requires a culture of collaboration in an integrated design approach.  At Hollingsworth Pack, we collaborate in seamless integration with our clients. Our team of professionals and our extensive network of external partners strive to synthesize the complexities of a modern building program into simplicity in architectural design.

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