Civil Engineering

Land development engineering, planning and design can transform a mundane place into a community destination. With years of experience in Central Texas and the City of Austin, Hollingsworth Pack has built the relationships needed to successfully navigate through often complex permit processes.

Each new development must balance its economic goals with local government rules and regulations including utility infrastructure, grading, drainage and tree and natural area preservation. Developers and land owners trust our knowledgeable team to deliver projects from planning to construction.

Full-service partner

When you obtain Hollingsworth Pack as a consultant on your team, you gain the unique experience of a full-service small business partner. Our Civil, Structural, and MEP engineering team leaders share offices and sit side-by-side, thus achieving close coordination and efficiency gains throughout our construction projects.

Depth of Experience

Our experts have worked on a wide range of projects, from small residential developments and large commercial mixed-use, projects to United States government institutions in the international arena.

Offices that offer this service: