MEP Engineering

Hollingsworth Pack strives to provide clients with the best possible design of their building's technical infrastructure and systems and ensure the design corresponds with the external planning and services available.

Lighting, power distribution, domestic water, waste systems, and HVAC are components of the systems that are prerequisites for a well-functioning building. Our team of engineers comprises experts in the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering fields. As an integrated firm, we offer a holistic approach to planning and designing of all of our clients’ projects.

Design and engineering systems

We offer cutting edge design for air-conditioning, ventilation and other systems for a wide variety of building types. We design site power distribution, site lighting, building lighting and power, sanitary waste, domestic water supply as well as other piping systems. As always, we have a keen eye for integrating all of these systems within the rest of the construction.

Customized solutions

We work closely with architects and industry professionals on customized solutions by preparing drawings and providing calculations to produce accurate, well thought out construction documents.  

Offices that offer this service: