Construction Management

Being the client’s representative on the construction site, Hollingsworth Pack provides on-site quality assurance of your project.

Many challenges arise at a construction site with many professions and interests involved. As construction managers, Hollingsworth Pack administrates the contracts and handles the interests of the client related to contractors and consultants. We review every document from the contractors, architects, engineers and other entities reporting effectively back to the client in case changes to the project are needed.

Bridging culture and geography

Having worked in international teams all over the world, we have a well-developed approach for bridging cultural differences and divergent professional approaches. We have a strong focus on the client’s expectations, risk management, and feasible solutions that ensure progress.

Structure and procedures

Working together, we value that each team of Hollingsworth Pack and a client can prepare themselves and the project as best as possible. To accomplish this, all work processes are carefully described, leaving all involved the opportunity to pay full attention to the ongoing construction activities.