Operations & Maintenance

At Hollingsworth Pack, we know that managing your building’s operations efficiently is challenging and time-consuming.

Hollingsworth Pack advises on the whole life cycle of a building, from facility operations to maintenance. We understand the importance of efficient facility operations and maintenance to create more value for your property.

Identifying Areas for Enhancement

Our approach commences with a thorough assessment of your facility's current operations, aimed at pinpointing areas that require improvement and potential risks that need mitigation. Through this process, we can collaborate with you to optimize your facility's performance, offering sustainable solutions to enhance its efficiency.

Better yet, we can be a part of the Building Design Team, supporting the Lead Architecture Firm and its various consultants, as advisors during the design process to assure the design incorporates best practices intended to facilitate the routine operations and maintenance that prolongs the useful life of building elements and systems.

Offices that offer this service: