Structural Assessment

Specialized in the inspections of foundations, Hollingsworth Pack would be your partner when distress to your building needs an expert assessment to determine the extent and cause of the damage.

Cracks in the foundation or walls are common in houses, apartments, or commercial buildings, and it can be difficult to judge whether they are cosmetic, should be monitored, or require immediate repair. Using Hollingsworth Pack’s expertise, the client can be assured that the best actions are taken.

Early involvement and assessment

Once damage is detected or if the owner needs an assessment of a structure, Hollingsworth Pack offers a third-party review and provides an assessment report which discloses our findings and often a recommended course of action or repair specification.

Independent experts

Our independent experts advise you throughout the repair process. In conjunction with any contractor, we provide a recommended plan of repair and work to assess and verify the completed scope of work, certifying that the repair has been carried out in accordance with the proposed plan and local building codes.


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