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About us

Grounded in strong family values and built around a global network of local engineering specialists, architects and inspectors, Hollingsworth Pack takes pride in providing you, as a dedicated employee, with trust, freedom, and a framework that allows you to balance your professional life with your private life. We believe that if you thrive as a whole person you will also bring the best value and quality to our clients.

At Hollingsworth Pack, we understand the importance of stability and security alongside the need to achieve personal and professional goals.

We consider ourselves a group of professionals, where the strength of the individual contributes to the strength of the whole. Each of our offices is locally rooted, and contributes with its professional expertise to domestic as well as international construction projects.

Whether you are a student or experienced professional we invite you to join our organization of responsible and engaged professionals who are linked together by common values and the passion for solving complex challenges.

You can join the company at three points of entry:


As an expert in your profession and through your specific skills, you will develop your local market, doing so within one of our existing co-working offices or by establishing a new office which we will help you launch. You will have the opportunity to contribute to larger scale projects outside of your region, where areas of expertise are pooled. You will reflect the company culture, and believe that everyone benefits from the creativity, ideas, and growth that come with collective personal freedom. The role is offered to colleagues or partners we have worked with and who dream of leading their own professional team within the Hollingsworth Pack network.


We are a network of passionate specialists in which you will fit when passionate about your discipline, ready to deliver at a high quality and bring value to our clients. At Hollingsworth Pack we are on the outlook for the right people and even if you reside elsewhere than our established offices, we could be a match. We have many years of experience in working with remote employees and know what it takes to support your professional and personal development even from a distance.


As an intern at Hollingsworth Pack, you will be part of the family. You will get an opportunity to work on a variety of project types and become familiar with many aspects of a planning and construction team. For the right candidates, we offer a high degree of responsibility and the chance to grow in a caring work environment.

Are you ready to work with us? Don’t hesitate to see if the services provided by our local offices are interesting to you. Or send us an email at