GPR Concrete Scanning

Concrete scanning using GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) is a non-destructive solution to assess structural concrete. GPR can help locate metallic and non-metallic targets as well as concrete design characteristics such as grade beam location, reinforcement type, concrete cover, and slab/wall thickness. Locating reinforcement and plumbing systems below the surface, prior to excavation, can save contractors and building owners time and money, while maintaining job-site safety and structural integrity of the subject structure.

Providing GPR scanning for contractors and building owners, our team has the ability to locate reinforcement, plumbing systems, and other obstructions prior to drilling, coring, or excavating.

Real Time Results

Utilizing industry-leading technology, Hollingsworth Pack is able to identify and mark obstacles within and below the concrete in real time, allowing excavation to proceed while being able to avoid critical hazards andadditional expenses.

GPR can help determine

  • Reinforcement location and orientation
  • Post tension cable and rebar location
  • Slab thickness
  • Grade beam location
  • Conduit location
  • Detection of sub-surface voids
  • Plumbing line locations: water and drain


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