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Austin, TX
March 14, 2022

Hollingsworth Pack joins SE2050 agreement for a Net Zero future

We are pleased to share that our structural engineers have officially joined the SE2050 Commitment. Along with other 73 American firms, we are embarking on a journey to reduce and ultimately eliminate embodied carbon in our projects by 2050.

Carbon emissions generated from buildings significantly contribute to climate change, therefore structural engineers play a central role in guiding the building industry towards a more sustainable future.

The mission of the SE 2050 Commitment is to transform the practice of structural engineering in a way that is holistic, project-based and data-driven, recognizing the need for coordinated action across our profession to achieve the globally stated goal of net zero carbon by 2050.

Our Austin team is committed to developing an ambitious Embodied Carbon Action Plan providing staff with education in the field and specifying low carbon impact materials to ensure substantive embodied carbon reductions in the design and construction of structural systems.

Structural systems’ data will be shared yearly to a central database for understanding national trends and developing appropriate reduction targets.

The commitment to the SE2050 program emphasizes the dedication of our structural engineering team to reducing the carbon footprint of the building industry.

Well done, Austin!

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