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Austin, TX
May 30, 2023

From Intern to Full-Time Pack Member: Jared's Journey at Hollingsworth Pack Austin

In October 2022, Jared Gonzales joined Hollingsworth Pack Austin as an intern, and now 9 months later, we are happy to announce and welcome him as a full-time structural engineer at the Austin office.    

Hollingsworth Pack Austin has home-grown it's engineering staff from an internship program with the University of Texas Austin (UT) for over 10 years. During this time, our office has provided paid internships to (11) UT engineering students, given employment offers to (8) of them, and currently employs (3) of them full-time. By providing a work-life balance and offering different types of professional work to students, we have supported our local community of young engineers and helped them grow. Former interns, upon graduation, have returned to the company, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and an appreciation for the support they received.  

We believe that the success of UT’s Engineering College is a strong driver and dynamic for the creativity and reputation of Austin worldwide. Each of UT’s Engineering programs is consistently in the Top-5 national rankings. We believe that by providing a work environment that is related to and coordinated with academic studies, that benefits our community of engineers.

Starting as an intern, Jared got the opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute to the projects at Hollingsworth Pack Austin. His dedication and commitment to the Pack resulted in now being a full-time employee. As Jared embarks on this new career chapter, we take pride in his achievements. He stands for an example of the positive impact that internships and close collaboration between academia and industry can have on the professional growth of young engineers.    

As Hollingsworth Pack Austin continues to expand, we are committed to providing ongoing support to our community of engineers studying at the University of Texas at Austin (UT).  

We are happy to welcome Jared to our team, and we look forward to seeing more interns embark on the same path as our new full-time structural engineer in the future.

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