Plumbing Repair & Tunnel Inspection

Working below the foundation, Hollingsworth Pack’s professional team works diligently to provide oversight of below-grade plumbing repairs and tunnel excavations for plumbing contractors.

Providing plumbing inspections for home owners, real estate investors, and commercial clients, the team has experience with all types of structures and provides the client with a comprehensive review of the repair and specific recommendations if additional work is required. We strive to ensure that repair projects comply with applicable codes while maintaining the structural integrity of the subject building.

Client-centric and flexible scheduling

When a problem is detected, most clients are eager to have the impact of a repair assessed quickly and to move on with the completion of the project. Hollingsworth Pack schedules inspections at the convenience of the customer, offering a high degree of flexibility to limit stress on the building owner and contractor.

Agile administration and paper work

Hollingsworth Pack understands the needs of our clients and has improved the inspection process and administration with the help of technology. Hollingsworth Pack, having built an app that gathers information on site, typically provides the client the inspection report in less than 24 hours.

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