Passivhaus Consulting

As certified passive house experts, Hollingsworth Pack assists clients from the first assessments of a project’s energy performance to the actual construction of a passive house.

The passive house is a pioneering concept for energy efficient housing and a leading international low-energy standard. Projecting a passive house’s energy efficiency must be at the top of the mind throughout the entire planning phase.

Overview and certification

Keeping the overview of the construction process to ensure a project can be certified requires close collaboration between architects, engineers, and contractors.  As the client’s advisor, Hollingsworth Pack provides the assurance that such project is built to meet the standards and requirements of a passive house.

Energy optimization of existing buildings

A reduction in active heating and cooling energy often means an increase in the initial design and construction costs, but a reduction in the operational expenditures such as energy costs, maintenance, repairs, retrofits or replacements. We specialize in making assessments of particular energy-saving solutions, such as applying solar panels to a building, or the use of aerothermal energy.

Building on our experience of working with leading energy standards, we apply the foremost principles of passive housing to meet local government standards for zero-energy buildings and ensure that your project complies with local regulations.

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