Construction Inspection

Specializing in structural performance, Hollingsworth Pack can become your partner when the need for structural repairs require an expert third-party review.

Most structural modifications or repairs require a licensed Professional Engineer review.  Whether modifying existing wall framing or performing foundation repair work, Hollingsworth Pack’s qualified team of inspectors will ensure that the job is done properly.  Our construction inspections and project certifications will ensure code compliance for the contractor and peace of mind for the building owner.

Flexible scheduling and expedited documentation

Our inspection team understands the need for flexible scheduling and the occasional need for short-notice inspections. By leveraging technology, we regularly issue project certification documents within 24 hours of inspection.

Validated paper trail

When crucial construction work is carried out on a building, the owner needs certainty and documentation for the improvement. We ensure our clients have a validated paper trail and know exactly what has been done.

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