Structural Engineering

Hollingsworth Pack brings architectural vision and inspiration to life with the thoughtful application of structural engineering design.

Structural design practice requires experience and in-depth technical knowledge condensed into well-thought-out construction detailing. At Hollingsworth Pack, our domestic and overseas project experience with construction materials and methods, plus working with people who speak different languages and have their own preferred methods of building, aids us, no matter where your project is set.

Forensic Analysis

Hollingsworth Pack has conducted a wide-range of building, foundation, site and drainage assessments to diagnose the cause and specify appropriate repairs, plan for future maintenance expenses, and evaluate property acquisitions.

Construction Oversight

Comprehensive construction-phase services can help ensure quality, cost, schedule and safety. Hollingsworth Pack has developed a specialty in this area, particularly as on-site project and construction managers for the US Department of State on projects both domestic and overseas.