USAF Building 97

Dormitory Renovation

The design/build project was awarded to Adserballe & Knudsen, a Danish contractor, with Hollingsworth Pack as the prime consultant. The project is just starting the second year of the construction phase. Design was completed in the spring of 2018 and construction started in 2019. The project is an example of a DoD design-build contract, with Hollingsworth Pack providing prime design services.

This project is a renovation of an approximately 29,750 square foot, three-story dormitory facility that will have an addition of approximately 1,970 SF (657 sq. ft. per floor) to accommodate mechanical room, multi-purpose area and the two (2) new egress stairwells, and 240 square foot for the canopy entrance area.

The building was originally constructed in 1959. With the exception of the existing building structural frame, the requirements for this project include demolition of all non-structural interior elements, MEP equipment and associated piping and conduit, and exterior envelope. A new building roof assembly, exterior walls, windows, and a thermally efficient exterior envelope shall be provided. Fourteen apartment units will be provided on each floor (42 total). Additionally, each floor shall have a common area consisting of a kitchen, laundry, restroom and storage as well as a mechanical room

US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
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Thule, Greenland
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Prime Consultant
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Structural Engineering