US Embassy The Hague

Physical Security Upgrade

In the negotiations between the US government and the City of the Hague for a new Embassy Compound, the US Government required that temporary physical security improvements be allowed on city property until such time that the new Embassy Compound was completed.
This resulted in a small Perimeter Security Upgrade project, the construction of which took place during a period when Post did not have a Facilities Maintenance Manager.
Hollingsworth Pack was contacted by RPSO to supervise the project. Tom Grootscholten was secured for the daily supervision, and the Hollingsworth Pack project director traveled to the Hague once per month to monitor the progress and resolve any uncertainties.
The Contracting Officer’s Representative was Mark Franke, who was located in Washington.
The contractor was SKE from Germany. The project was completed slightly after the scheduled completion date and within budget.
The City of the Hague was quite satisfied with the quality of the construction.

US Department of State, Bureau of Overseas Building Operations (OBO)
Office involved:
The Hague, Netherlands
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Prime Consultant
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Construction Management