US Embassy Helsinki

Under-slab sewer upgrade

Physical and technical security fit-out of swing-space offices. On-site full time construction management, and project management of A/E technical drawings for OBO. LEED AP tracked project accreditation. The work was contracted as a task order within the Department of State IDIQ. All buildings had asbestos around all pipe installations, requiring approved HAZMAT removal processes.

The under-slab sanitary sewer upgrade started with an emergency replacement of the sewer lines under two occupied buildings, these being the Chancery and Annex.  By the end of the project, the scope had expanded to include the security improvements necessary to create off-site swing space offices for occupants of the Annex in preparation for the major renovation project. The scope also expanded to include the total interior demolition of the Annex, and the complete replacement of domestic water lines in the basement of the Chancery. The Chancery building also contains the ambassador’s residence where Hollingsworth Pack was responsible for the replacement of a stack and risers through the historical interior. Construction in the residence took place during the four weeks in the middle of the Christmas holiday season when the ambassador was traveling.

US Department of State, Bureau of Overseas Building Operations (OBO)
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Helsinki, Finland
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