US Ambassador´s residence in Copenhagen

Remodeling of terrace, code compliance

The project consists on the design of a project to remove the existing pool and the restoration of the terrace per the historical context of the residence. The work includes paving, metalworks, stoneworks, landscaping, plumbing and electrical works

The swimming pool at the Chief of Mission Residence in Copenhagen was one of the last pools that was not Departmental Safety, Occupational Health, and Environmental Management (SHEM) compliant. Hollingsworth Pack ApS aps was tasked with bringing the pool into compliance.  

The initial study showed that the pool could not be brought into compliance without seriously affecting summer receptions. Following the recommendation of the study, OBO determined that the best way to achieve SHEM compliance was to remove the pool and improve the terrace character and accessibility.

US Department of State, Bureau of Overseas Building Operations (OBO)
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Copenhagen, Denmark
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Prime Consultant
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