Royal Danish Embassy New Delhi

New Embassy Compound

The Danish Chancellery and Housing Project is a 4,000 m2 (43,000 ft2) new embassy compound consisting of a chancellery, employee housing, underground parking, perimeter wall with compound access control buildings, and technical & physical security features, as well as sustainability components.

Working for a Danish Engineering firm as project manager, Hollingsworth Pack was appointed the Site Engineer, managing the site in accordance with the FIDIC contract. The Engineer works as a construction manager serving as owner’s representative, involving monitoring the construction, managing the construction budget and claims/modifications, supervising the Title II services by the design team, managing a team of professional inspectors, managing the relationship with the local municipality, coordinating with the local Embassy staff and reporting to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen, Denmark. Responsibilities include analysis of chosen materials for facilities maintenance, and a technical review of the project design to ensure continuous operations in a challenging environment. Hollingsworth Pack has been granted a warrant of DKK 50,000 for small change orders, authorized by the Danish Government, as well as a role in the procurement and approval of the blast facade elements.

The project was designed by Danish and Indian A/E firms, and tendered in India based on a FIDIC red-book tendering process.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark
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New Delhi, India
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Project value:
US$ +10M
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Construction Management