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Hollingsworth Pack is pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Conan Bear, PE, to our San Antonio office. Conan brings several years of residential and commercial structures structural design and forensic investigation experience to our Inspections & Testing team. Our San Antonio office will now be able to more quickly facilitate foundation assessments, structural investigations, and construction observations.



Hollingsworth Pack is offering plumbing inspection services in conjunction with structural tunnel excavation observations.  Per City of San Antonio Development Services bulletin IB-176, a change in city policy has been made regarding limitations to city inspections, allowing independent engineer review letters to be submitted in order to close permits for plumbing repairs and structural aspects of tunnel excavations. This modification will allow contractors to forego the traditional scheduling and inspection procedure and streamline the process.  Previously, engineer letters were only required for the structural aspects of tunnel excavations, but will now be accepted for both structural and plumbing aspects of projects.


Link to City of S.A. bulletin:



Hollingsworth Pack has conducted 1,000 inspections, year-to-date, in 2017. Ranging from single-family residential properties and multi-family apartment complexes to office buildings, assisted living facilities and wastewater treatment plants, Hollingsworth Pack Inspections & Testing team is capable of a wide range of construction inspection and structural evaluation services.  We are currently servicing a geographical area from Waco to Corpus Christi, primarily along the IH-35 corridor.



Dave Dunkman, PE of Hollingsworth Pack Austin gave a presentation today at the American Society of Civil Engineers Structural Engineering Institute Structures Congress in Denver, speaking about the firm's experience and structural design challenges on the Fort Liberte Prison project in Haiti. Chris Hewitt and Scott Hollingsworth served as co-authors on the paper, peer-reviewed and published through ASCE (link).



We are proud to announce that Hollingsworth Pack's new testing and inspections office has conducted 300 inspections, year-to-date, in 2017. Our client base of investors, real estate professionals, and specialty contractors in Central & South Texas is growing, because Hollingsworth Pack is uniquely suited to handle structural evaluations, plumbing tunnel excavation inspections, and foundation repair project certifications in and around the Austin and San Antonio areas. Congratulations to the inspections team.



Hollingsworth Pack is now providing third-party inspection services to plumbing contractors and excavation companies in Central and South Texas. Many sanitary drain systems that fail require tunnel excavations below slab-on-grade foundations to repair or replace the damaged piping. More municipalities in the region are requiring a third-party structural engineer to conduct structural assessments for all of these tunnel repairs. In some cases, the plumbing repair requires removing sections of grade beams, which can impact the structural capacity of the foundation.  In these situations, we can provide recommendations to have these areas of the foundation supplemented with piers installed within the tunnel to ensure that the structural capacity of the slab will remain after the repair is made.


The Inspections and Testing Division of Hollingsworth Pack has begun providing third-party engineering services to foundation repair contractors in the Central & South Texas regions. Hollingsworth Pack is providing adjustment plan review and job site inspections in order to produce project certifications for these specialty contractors. Serving Austin and San Antonio, Texas, and surrounding areas we are certifying projects for a variety of foundation types and repair systems. These include all types of pier-and-beam foundations and well as slab-on-grade foundations for both residential and commercial projects.  Foundation repair systems that are commonly used are steel piers, various types of concrete piers, and helical piers.


Hollingsworth Pack is pleased to announce the opening of the San Antonio office, under the leadership of Scott Kuryak and Levi Gates. The office will focus on inspection and testing services, working closely with the Hollingsworth Pack office in Austin. Together, the offices serve Central Texas with professional consulting services for both the design and construction phases. The occasion was celebrated with a reception held in the Austin office.

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